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An Overview of Real Estate Due Diligence Processes

Kevin Griffin, McKinney, TX pic

Kevin Griffin, McKinney, TX

Kevin Griffin serves as president of Kevin Griffin Realty, LLC, located in McKinney, TX. In this position he handles all business matters related to the review of acquisition of real estate in and around McKinney, TX, including due diligence processes.

Performing proper due diligence ahead of a purchase is one of the most important processes for real estate investors. Any investor who moves ahead with a transaction having performed little or inefficient due diligence risks losing large sums of money. While real estate due diligence is a fairly comprehensive procedure, investors can begin by breaking down their assessment of a property into three basic parts.

Financial due diligence involves accounting for every dollar that has gone in and out of a property, from past utility bills to federal tax returns. Cash flows must be verified, property tax statements must be accounted for, and historical financial statements must be carefully reviewed. A lack of financial due diligence can result in the purchase of real estate that does not provide adequate cash flow for investors.

Legal due diligence, meanwhile, demands potential investors gather any and all legal documentation available on a prospective property. Surveys and titles are common legal documents, but investors should not stop there. For example, tenant leases should also be reviewed for any oddities that could harm a property’s value.

Finally, physical due diligence requires real estate investors to make an in person inspection of a property. Ample documentation should exist describing the physical condition of a property, such as a property inspection assessment (PCA), and should be thoroughly reviewed. However, no amount of paperwork can replace an actual on-site inspection. Not only do these visits allow investors to appreciate any physical risks or challenges presented by a property, but they can also help investors schedule renovations and other physical improvements.

Three Facts Everyone Should Know about Blood Donation

Carter BloodCare pic

Carter BloodCare
Image: carterbloodcare.org

Prior to assuming his current role as president of his own realty firm in McKinney, Texas, Kevin Griffin managed lending professionals at four separate locations as regional president of Independent Bank. Kevin Griffin gives back to his community in many ways; one of the most important ways is by donating blood. Mr. Griffin has a rare blood type, and he is a member of the Gallon Club at Carter BloodCare, one of the largest blood centers in Texas. Here are three facts about blood that may help potential donors decide to give.

1. Blood donation rates are much lower in the summer and winter seasons. While donations are always needed regardless of the time, July to August and December to January are frequently difficult times for donations. Donating and encouraging others to donate during these times can make a big difference.

2. Your blood type dictates how your blood is best put to use. Each of the eight blood genotypes can be given in a certain way for the donation to have the greatest impact. AB positive donors, for example, can donate plasma and platelets rather than whole blood because those elements of AB positive blood are transferable to all other blood types.

3. Blood cannot be artificially produced. People who need medical care are completely dependent upon the blood given by donors, and the short shelf life of blood makes it difficult for centers to maintain an adequate supply.

Carter BloodCare Calls Attention to World Blood Donor Day


Carter BloodCare pic

Carter BloodCare
Image: carterbloodcare.org

With more than 30 years of professional banking experience, Kevin Griffin recently took on a new role as the president of Kevin Griffin Realty, LLC, in McKinney, TX. He previously operated as the regional president of Independent Bank, also in McKinney, TX, and a senior vice president of State Bank and Trust Company in Dallas. Dedicated to giving back to the community, Kevin Griffin is a member of Carter BloodCare’s Gallon Club.

One of the largest blood centers in the state, Carter BloodCare provides more than 300,000 units of blood annually. Established in 1951, the nonprofit extended its reach in East Texas in 2007 when it merged with Stewart Regional Blood Center in Tyler. It has since grown to supply transfusions to more than 200 medical facilities in more than 50 counties throughout the state.

On June 14, 2016, Carter BloodCare honored World Blood Donor Day, which was started by the World Health Organization in 2004 to raise awareness of the need for safe blood products and celebrate global blood donors. By calling attention to the lull in blood donations it typically experiences during the summer months, Carter BloodCare hoped to fulfill its needs by bringing in the 1,000 daily donors it requires to do so.