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Three Facts Everyone Should Know about Blood Donation

Carter BloodCare pic

Carter BloodCare
Image: carterbloodcare.org

Prior to assuming his current role as president of his own realty firm in McKinney, Texas, Kevin Griffin managed lending professionals at four separate locations as regional president of Independent Bank. Kevin Griffin gives back to his community in many ways; one of the most important ways is by donating blood. Mr. Griffin has a rare blood type, and he is a member of the Gallon Club at Carter BloodCare, one of the largest blood centers in Texas. Here are three facts about blood that may help potential donors decide to give.

1. Blood donation rates are much lower in the summer and winter seasons. While donations are always needed regardless of the time, July to August and December to January are frequently difficult times for donations. Donating and encouraging others to donate during these times can make a big difference.

2. Your blood type dictates how your blood is best put to use. Each of the eight blood genotypes can be given in a certain way for the donation to have the greatest impact. AB positive donors, for example, can donate plasma and platelets rather than whole blood because those elements of AB positive blood are transferable to all other blood types.

3. Blood cannot be artificially produced. People who need medical care are completely dependent upon the blood given by donors, and the short shelf life of blood makes it difficult for centers to maintain an adequate supply.