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Basic Hand Signals for Road Cyclists


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Hand Signals
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Individuals engaged in road cycling should familiarize themselves with the relevant hand signals and rules of the road in order to more effectively communicate with fellow travelers. The hand signal for stop is one of the most important and frequently used signals. To indicate a stop, a rider should extend their left arm out and bend at the elbow so that their fingers point down to the road, with their palm facing any riders or drivers at their backs.

Riders at the head of a large cycling party may need to coordinate a single file or double file line. To do so, a cyclist can raise a hand over his or her head and raise the index finger for a single file line or index and middle fingers for a double file line.

Another hand signal important to rider safety involves locating and avoiding debris or other obstacles in the roadway. In order to notify other riders of a road hazard, an individual should lower the left arm below the waist and use the index finger to point directly at the hazard. Debris on the right can be highlighted using the right foot if necessary.